Thursday, November 15, 2012

You may have heard about the woman killed by Irish doctors because they wouldn't allow her a life-saving abortion

If you haven't, here's the story. Read it, be outraged and disgusted. Makes you want to fire off an angry letter, doesn't it?

I had a look on the Hospital website for an email link, but sadly there was none. The closest I could find was a media contact, and so that had to do. I do hope they pass it on to somebody relevant.


UHG don't appear to have any email contact details, which is a shame because I, like many people, would dearly like to send in some constructive advice.

Please let them know that they're being assholes and it is killing people. If they have to go against what they perceive to be their religious mandate in order to stop killing people in such an asshole-ish way, then perhaps they should wonder if being murderous assholes is really the behaviour their religious values are meant to instil. 

Perhaps they have got this one wrong? But what do I know; I'm an atheistic ex-Jew, and it could be that letting people die needlessly in agony is precisely the sort of loving Christian thing God wants doctors to engage in. It kind of ties up with the whole bombing innocent people because they're the wrong kind of Christian tradition I've been hearing about.

Nevertheless, I do kind of feel like the Christian God isn't supposed to be a complete bastard. Wasn't there something about 'love' and 'compassion' and all that sensible stuff?

Personally, though, I think whoever made this decision is scum and I hope they wake up screaming, shivering and drenched in sweat for the rest of their natural lives. I'm kind of a vindictive bastard.


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