Thursday, September 20, 2012

Oh gods what is that thing?

So here I am: fat,  hairy, ugly and in ridiculous spare glasses. Don't worry. I'm on a weight loss plan. It's to lose some weight.

Blog, awaken!

After 5 almost 6 years of drought, and nothing before that beyond the feeblest acknowledgement of its own existence, this blog shall rise once more and actually do something.

Much like me, I do hope.

Not that I expect anyone to be reading this who is not already more familiar with my life than they would likely prefer, it would seem good manners to start with an introduction of sorts.

An introduction of sorts

This is rosyblog, and I am the titular Rosy. Or, for the formally inclined, Michael. I'm one of those underachieving wastrels, but I am trying to do something about it. No, really I am. 

At least that's over with, now what?

I'm resurrecting this here blog for a couple of reasons. Firstly, my girlfriend has gone to Japan for a year and set up her own blog, and out of symmetry and the fact that I outright promised to do the same, here we are.

Also, I do like to talk about stuff, sometimes. Mostly inane bullshit, granted, but you're reading this far so don't complain.

About 10 years ago I was heavily involved with atheist discussion boards, but I no longer argue religion. It's not that I have much respect for it, you understand, but there is simply no point - it bores me, I have nothing new to learn from it, and the people you argue with generally aren't there to be reasoned with.

Instead, I have graduated to wild and whacky metaphysical interests which I am more than happy to harp on about. For now, I shall just say that I am pretty convinced by something very much like Quantum Immortality.

Unsurprisingly, I am also a very liberal leftie. I find the right-wing generally obnoxious, closed-minded, discompassionate sometimes to to the point of psychopathy.

I might talk about science and technology a bit; after all, I love them to pieces. I am more likely to talk about sci-fi though, or just plain awesome things. I'm racing through Breaking Bad right now, and it is certainly an awesome thing.

That was pretty rambling, unfocused and disjointed, wasn't it? Stay tuned for more of the same!