Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Not sure if I will be using this blog

I currently have:
  • a blog
  • an LJ account (which I use to keep track of other people's LJs)
  • a facebook account (which you need to register to see, is a little useful and a lot diverting)

I haven't yet used the LJ as a blog, as I prefer to keep everything centralised. FB does at leat import my blog entries.

I keep track of non-LJ blogs using Google Reader, and one of my motivations in creating this blog is the hope that the shared Google heritage would allow them to work together, or at least centralise things more (especially as a lot of my friends appear to be using blogger). This doesn't seem to be the case, unfortunately.

My other motivation was that I think I prefer the style and interface of blogger to blogsome. However, there does not seem to be a facility to import my blogsome content, and I don't want to leave it out in the cold.

Well, we'll see what happens....

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